Dexter 5.06 ''Everything Is Illumenated'' - Promo

The promo trailer for the next episode of Dexter 5.06 ''Everything Is Illumenated''.

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  1. Definition of Illuminated ; To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand. Spoiler states "Everything is Illumenated" Will Lumen help Dexter not feel empty? Will he ever feel guilt? Not likely as he is schyzoid. He s/b detached from Lumen but isn't strangely, he needs the connection at his primal level. She sees him, the real Dexter and is not repulsed. They are the same born of violence and blood. He is just more controlled and careful until lately. He is lost w/o Rita or his father who was revealed as a liar. Who can he trust now.

  2. Bahh! Sorry Virginia but all you wrote it already happened on season 3.
    The writers need to step up and make this season top season 4, which I think it's not gonna happen... unless they kill off this character Lumen ASAP!!!!!!

  3. Naty, why must they kill Lumen?

  4. Because she is very boring and she waste the time of the show.

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