Episode 5.03 ''Practically Perfect'' - Synopsis

Here is the official synopsis for episode 5.03 ''Practically Perfect''.

Dexter finds himself in a strange new world when he attempts to hire a nanny for Harrison so he can continue to stalk and kill his next victim. Meanwhile, Debra, who takes the lead on a bizarre double homicide, is displeased when Batista suggests bringing in an annoying rookie officer who has her own theories on the case. Things heat up for Dexter when Quinn notices strange similarities between Trinity Killer suspect 'Kyle Butler' and Dexter Morgan.

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  1. Οπα!Ο Κουιν σαν κατι να μυριζεται...

  2. Όπως είδαμε και στα trailers όπου συγκρίνει τα σκίτσα του Kyle...

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