Dexter - Episode 5.01 ''My Bad'' - Recap

We open up this new season of Dexter with a reminder of what happened to Rita. Dexter appears to be in some serious shock. He walks in to find Harrison on the floor in a puddle of blood and Rita dead in the bathtub. He ends up sitting out front holding Harrison until the cops show up. Dexter is struggling because he takes the blame. They come and ask to take the baby somewhere safe when Debra comes running up to ask them what is going on and to tell them that both she and Dexter are Miami PD. He hands Harrison to Debra and says "Rita is in the house. It was me."

The team gets there from Miami PD. There is a single cut to the femoral artery. They are trying to figure out what is going on. The boss comes in and she walks out and decides that the case should be dealt with by FBI. The rest of the department wants to do this case as she is family to them, but what the boss says goes. Dexter is outside in complete shock still. He is thinking about the two simple rules that Harry, his father, told him. He said never hurt an innocent and never make a scene. He thinks that he sees him in the sea of police officers, but of course he doesn't. He then notices the neighbor who kissed Rita and he seems visibly more upset if tears are any indication of how one feels.

FBI comes up and says they're ready to speak to him. They ask about the first thing he said which was "it was me". He says that he doesn't know what he said, it could've been anything as he is very upset. They walk into a CSI bus and Debra is there with Harrison. She tells Dexter to get his clothes off and then they are going home. The FBI detective says that he was questioning him and she tells him to find trinity. Their boss tells him to schedule an appointment if he wants to talk to Dexter.

Deb takes him and Harrison to her apartment. She keeps trying to talk to him, but he's not hearing her really. He's in her head. The next day at the station Quinn, Masuka, and other detectives are sitting around listening to the call that Dexter made. Quinn thinks that it is weird that it sounds like Dexter is making a lab report. Masuka tells Quinn that he told Dexter about the neighbor Elliott kissed Rita.

Dexter is in bed sleeping and his cell phone is ringing. It is Rita's parents and her kids want to talk to Dexter. They are having such a fantastic time and he doesn't want to ruin it for them. They want to talk to Rita, but he says that she is in the shower. They hang up and Deb asks about wanting to tell them about Rita. He says that he just wants them to have one more good day.

Deb says that there is a lot that needs to be done before Rita can be buried and they need to go talk to a funeral director. They go and he wonders how the director can sound like he actually cares. He tells them that they have to make the decisions about how she will be remembered. They talk about the obituary and he excuses himself immediately. Debra decides to take care of it herself while he wanders off. He walks around and checks out a funeral. He is in pain over the fact that he is not "grieving" even though he is.

He flashes back to the first time that he met her. They got together at a cafe and they are doing great, but awkward. Deb comes up to him and asks what he is doing. He says he was just thinking about how much he and never finished. Deb tells him that Quinn called and they released the crime scene at the apartment. Deb says that he is worrying her. Deb shows up to the house by herself and Quinn is there waiting. She didn't expect for him to show up. She tells him that she wants to clean up before Dexter and the kids come back. Quinn helps her clean up all of the blood in the bathroom.

Quinn asks her how she is holding up. She tells him that she is not used to having to be the strong one as it has always been Dexter. She starts to cry. Quinn says that to him it has always been the other way around. She starts crying and then for some reason she starts to kiss him. They end up sleeping together.

Dexter is just not in his head right now and the kids are banging on the door. They brought him a name sewn hat and said there is one for Rita, too. He tells them in the most awkward way that something happened to her. He says "a man came into our house and your mother came home and he killed her". He says "I'm sorry for your loss" also cause he's just not sure how to handle it.

Astor takes his hat and runs off. He follows her and she wants him to go away. She thinks that it doesn't even matter to him and she asks where he was when someone was killing her. He wishes he could take it all back. She wishes that he was the dead one cause they would've been better off if she hadn't met him. He of course takes this very seriously, because he's already thinking it himself.

Deb gets instant regret and starts going through her dresses to pick one. He picks a dress, but she doesn't take it seriously. Quinn wants to talk about what just happened but she says there is nothing to talk about. She drives off and he sees Elliott. He decides to ask Elliott what went on between him and Rita. He says they only kissed and when Dexter found out he punched him.

Deb shows up and Harrison is sleeping. She comes with the dresses and says he can look at them. He sits back. She asks where Astor and Cody are. He says Astor is upset and they got him a hat. Deb says she'll be okay. He says he doesn't see how as her mother is dead because of him. She says that Rita was lucky to have him because she told him that all the time.

Dexter flashes back to the first date again and he excuses himself when his target gets up to leave. He pushes him into the trunk of his car and then runs to tell her that he has a stomach bug and has to leave. He is abrupt with her and leaves. He thinks she wasn't lucky to have him because she trusted him and now she's dead. He thinks they would all be better off without him.

Dexter decides to plan his escape. He asks Deb if she can think about Harrison as her own and that she loves him. She says that he is her own and he has her in his life. She tries to tell him that he has him. She says that he is decent and good. He says that he is not. She tries to convince him of that. He grabs what he can and then he takes his boat out.

At the station, Quinn wants to talk to her about the fact that Elliott and Rita kissed at some point. She asks him why he is telling her this and he says because of this this sounds strange and worried that maybe it was Dexter that did it. She cuts him off and he leaves. Deb gets a call from Laguerta and they said that Dexter didn't show up. They want his personnel files. She goes to find that Harrison is with a complete stranger. She leaves him a voicemail.

He chose the dress that she wore when they first met. He thinks that the kids would be better without them and he is fleeing before the funeral. He says that he is a serial killer and that he knows he led her to believe that he is a human being but he's not, that's a lie. He goes back to his private space, takes a couple things, and then sets it ablaze.

He goes on his boat. Deb is at where the funeral is being held and the FBI is there. She calls him and he ignores it. He remembers getting a phone call from Rita that night. She wanted to see if anything happened to offend him and she really likes him. He seems that he likes her, too. She tells him about her kids and he says he likes kids and he already knew about that. She says she feels like things could be different.

He goes to get gas and then pay. There is this annoyingly rude man at the in the middle of nowhere boat gas station. The man gives him so much trouble and he isn't even doing anything wrong. He is sorry and in definite pain. He ends up beating the man to a pulp because he says he is sorry for his loss but his dead wife can blow him. Harry comes back. Harry says that that is the most human thing he has seen him do since Rita passed. He messed up big time as this wasn't methodical at all like his normal kills. Harry tells him that it is okay to show what he is feeling and he has the most strange first emotional let go, ever. He says the kids need him, he curls up into the fetal position and then decides to go back.

Batista is upset with the Maria because she won't let them handle the case. She says that she could've fought for the case but part of her didn't want to because it was Rita. It scared her. They'd been married for ten hours and Dexter was the witness of their wedding. She thinks that for all she knows he could've been with them when it happened.

When Quinn wants to talk to Deb about Elliott, Dexter shows up to the funeral. He gives a beautiful eulogy about how she had a big heart. He says that he wasn't even human when they first met. He never expected that to change. He says she reached out and found something he never knew was there. He can't fix what happened, but he knows he has to try with the people who knew her, who cared about her, who loved her. That is when he realizes that he loved her.

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