First Dexter: Original Sin Episode 1 Set Image From Miami Shared by Writer Scott Reynolds

It's good to be back to Miami, where everything began for Dexter!

Production for the prequel finally kicked off on June 5 in Miami. Dexter, Dexter: New Blood, and Dexter: Original Sin writer and executive producer Scott Reynolds shared the image above yesterday evening, showing a crew member holding the show's clapperboard while shooting the first scenes of the Dexter prequel in Miami.

Based on other tweets/X posts he shared earlier today, Scott is still in Los Angeles taking care of other Dexter-related tasks. Right after the Miami shoot, which will last only ten days, the cast and crew will head back to L.A. to film the rest of the first season in the same studios where the original series was filmed.

During these ten days in Miami, the cast will be filming various Season 1 scenes, likely out of order, to capture all the necessary exterior Miami scenes on time.

In the top right corner, we see the number "101," which stands for Season 1, Episode 1. Nothing has been confirmed yet about the director of the pilot episode, but it seems that Michael Lehmann, known for directing episodes "Ricochet Rabbit" in Season 6 and "The Dark...Whatever" in Season 7, as well as numerous other popular TV shows, may be involved.

Another Dexter prequel tease Reynolds shared during the last couple of weeks was on the same day Dexter: Original Sin was announced. It is an image that shows different blood patterns, perhaps indicating that the crew is deciding which pattern looks best for a promotional image or something similar.

More set photos and cool Dexter prequel stuff are coming within the next few days and weeks!

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