10th Anniversary: The Original Dexter Series Finale Aired One Decade Ago Today - Which Ending Do You Prefer? [Poll]

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the original Dexter finale!

Believe it or not, the original series finale of Dexter, aka the notorious 'lumberjack finale' was released exactly ten years ago. Since that day, the final episode of season 8 titled "Remember the Monsters?" was included in every list of every pop culture website calling it one of the worst, or perhaps, the worst finale of any TV show ever. In the episode we see Dexter mercy killing his beloved sister Deb, after she was severely injured by the main villain of the season. Then he ends up dumping her dead body into the ocean, and leaving Miami for good during hurricane 'Laura'. Everyone thinks Dexter is dead, his Miami Metro colleagues, Hannah, even his son Harrison. But in the final minutes we see him somewhere in Oregon, working as a lumberjack. 

Seven years later, on October 14th, 2020 Showtime announced the return of the franchise, for a 10-episode series titled Dexter: New Blood. The final episode of the revival had a much more definitive ending with Dexter being arrested after his girlfriend Angela found out evidence he's a serial killer. He later attempted to escape, only to be confronted by his teenage son Harrison who fatally shot him. That finale divided fans as well, and some of them still express their anger and frustration to this day. 

10th anniversary poll! Which of the two Dexter ending do you actually prefer? Cast your votes right below!

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