Jack Alcott Describes Portraying Harrison a Dream Role: "What a Crazy Awesome Character To Get To Explore"

The actor who played Dexter's son Harrison talks New Blood season 2.

Showtime | Jack Alcott/Instagram

Jack Alcott, the 26 year-old actor who portrayed Dexter's long lost son in the latest season of the series, sat down with website TV Insider to talk about his guest appearance in episode seven of Peacock's promising new series 'Poker Face', and the future of Dexter: New Blood. Despite the fact that Showtime officially announced they're working on a continuation series, Alcott claims that he only knows what everybody else knows.

TV Insider: It’s been revealed that Showtime is working on multiple [Dexter] spinoffs, including one following your character. Do you hope to participate in the show again? 

Jack Alcott: "I know what everybody else knows. I know that if it does move forward, I couldn’t be more interested. What a crazy awesome character to get to explore. So many facets, so much going on, like a literal dream role. So yeah, very much into revisiting that. Until then, I’m on the hunt for my next journey and I’m excited about that. So, we’ll see what that is, whatever it is".

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