POLLS: Dexter: New Blood Finale, Six Months Later - Grade the Season As a Whole, And Without the Finale

It has been half a year since Dexter Morgan's final chapter.


It was exactly six months ago, on Sunday, January 9th, when the polarizing final episode of Dexter: New Blood aired on Showtime. And boy... like Clyde Phillips said during last year's SDCC panel, it definitely blew up the internet. On today's poll, and on the occasion of the six months that passed since the ending, we're asking you to grade Dexter: New Blood as a whole (episodes 1 through 10) and without the finale (episodes 1 through 9) in two seperate polls. Vote in our polls below! Note: If you clicked on "Results" and you can't go back and vote, just refresh the page.

Now grade the season WITHOUT including the final episode "Sins of the Father".

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