POLL: Which Love Interest Was the Best For Dexter Morgan?

Rita, Lila, Lumen, Hannah, and Angela. Pick the best one!


Happy Valentine's Day! Dexter Morgan wasn't interested in romance, but he certainly had a handful of women in his (on screen) life. Throughout all nine seasons of Dexter, our favorite serial killer was romantically involved with five ladies. 

Lila was perhaps Dexter's craziest love interest, and the affair that caused a rift between him and Rita. She was obsessed with Dex which led to lots of troubles for him and his loved ones. Rita was the woman he was married to, and they both had a child of their own. Following her death in the final episode of season four, no one was ready for another love interest. Dexter found Lumen while searching for a killer who was meant to dispose of her body. Lumen and Dexter became partners to eliminate the members of the Barrel Girl gang. Until that point, she was the only woman that accepted his dark urges.

Then came Hannah McKay a woman that made him fall in love for the first time. She was a serial killer like him, and she totally accepted his dark... whatever. Angela Bishop was meant to be Dexter's final love interest. She was the chief of Iron Lake police and the woman that ironically solved the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Vote below! Who do you think was the best love interest for Dexter? Note: If you clicked on "Show Results" before voting on the poll but you can't go back and vote, just refresh the page.

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