Julia Jones Says Dexter Fan Base and Her Subconscious Drew Her to Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood star Julia Jones talks about the show.


Julia Jones, who played Angela Bishop, Chief of Police in Iron Lake, and Dexter's new girlfriend recently spoke with website WWD (Women's Wear Daily). Back in 2020, when her agent sent her an article from the New York Times announcing Dexter's return, her subconscious tapped in to tell her she should pay attention.

"It's funny. I will sometimes have a kind of a visceral reaction to things that happen. This has happened before with other projects, where there was a very popular source material, or something that had an audience already, and when I have heard about that, I have a reaction, like a visceral response, that’s either hot, cold. It’s sort of excitement or, like, 'eh.'" Julia said.

When Julia Jones, who had never seen a single episode of Dexter started asking around and hearing just how much the show meant to people, she knew she had to say yes.

"I had one friend in particular who is a urologist, and she had said that watching Dexter got her through residency. I'd never really heard her talk passionately about any television show before. And I sort of took that as not a conscious sign, but that definitely impacted my feelings about it going forward."


If Dexter: New Blood gets renewed for another season, is she going to reprise her role as Angela Bishop? Who knows. Julia is now busy filming a second season of the comedy series titled 'Rutherford Falls'.

"I can't believe it's a job. It doesn’t feel like work. I go to work with my friends every day, and we laugh all the time," she told WWD. "And it's a comedy, so I feel challenged in a new way that I appreciate. It’s very humbling. I haven’t done as many comedies as dramas and on those sets, I feel like a little kid looking up at everybody, like, 'How do I be funny?' You know? And I get really excited when I feel like I’ve done something funny.”
Source: WWD

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