Gizel Jimenez Talks About Working With Director Marcos Siega On Dexter: New Blood

"He’s the kind of director who trusts his actors."

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In a new interview with website 'Monkeys Fighting Robots', Gizel Jimenez, the actress who portrays Tess Silvera, a teacher and part-time bartender at the Iron Lake Tavern talked about getting the role, and working with director Marcos Siega.

"The process starts with an emailed attachment of the script and/or audition scene, information on the creative’s involved and a character description. It’s our job as actors to interpret that character. Once you’re on set, you’re expected to lift the words off the page and bring them to life."

As Tess formed, the process continued. "Marcos Siega, who directed mostly all of the episodes that I’m in, was great to work with. I absolutely adore him. And I love his most recent work on the Netflix series You and HBO’s Flight Attendant. He’s the kind of director who trusts his actors. So I got on set and he really just let me go for it."

"After he allows the actor to play, he decides how he wants to sculpt us; to maybe take some air out of a line or adjust blocking. He was time efficient, direct, down to earth, with a great sense of humor. I soaked up everything from him. His level of trust brought out my confidence and allowed me to trust him right back."

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