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Sunday, December 12, 2021

What Does Dexter Morgan's Obituary Say? Let's Take A Closer Look!

"Dexter Morgan had to die".


In the final scene of episode 5 "Runaway" we finally see Angela connecting the dots after what Batista and Audrey told her. She immediately went to her office at the Iron Lake P.D. googled Dexter Morgan's name, and found out that her boyfriend's name isn't Jim Lindsay, and that he faked his death. The text of the obituary she printed was blurred on purpose in episode five and the promo of episode six, but on tonight's episode its first paragraph was quite clear.

"Dexter Morgan, a forensic crime scene analyst with Miami Metro Police Department who aided in many of Miami Metro's most high profile homicide cases was lost at sea, aboard  his fishing boat "Slice of Life". His passing was discovered in the wake of hurricane Laura, which left his small craft fishing vessel and much of the Atlantic coast devastated. Mr. Morgan was born in Miami and raised by his adoptive parents Doris and Harrison Morgan."

Apparently there's more text in the obituary but it wasn't shown in the episode. Perhaps in the next ones we'll get chance to see it again.

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