Scott Reynolds Teases Episode 8 ‘Unfair Game’, Says Most of It Was Filmed In The Frozen Tundra

So much snow in the upcoming episode, according to the Executive Producer.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

With episode seven ending in cliffhanger, and Dexter Morgan's life being in danger, it looks like our favorite serial killer will have to fight for his life out in the snowy woods around Iron Lake in the upcoming episode. 

Scott Reynolds teased Sunday's episode by sharing a behind the scenes image of crew members, and the actor who portray Elric Cane, aka the man who works for Kurt.

(Screenshot from the official trailer that was released back in early September)

Let's see what in store for Dexter in the upcoming episode. In the meantime take a look at the stills, the synopsis, and the promo trailer for "Unfair Game".

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