LISTEN: Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up Podcast ‘Skin of Her Teeth’ | Editor Perri Frank, Episode 7 Writers Kirsa Rein and Alexandra Salerno

The 13th episode of the Wrap-Up podcast is about ‘Skin of Her Teeth’!

Showtime (edited by DexterDaily)

“Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up” aka the official podcast for Dexter: New Blood is here with another episode. Every Tuesday, host, and executive producer and writer Scott Reynolds dives into all things Dexter, with some special guests. He and his guests break down episodes, go deep with the characters, and share exclusive behind-the-scenes details. 

Episode 7 "Skin of Her Teeth". Editor Perri Frank and episode writers Kirsa Rein and Ali Salerno join to discuss Trinity's bloody return, the impact he had on Harrison and other key scenes from the newest episode.

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