Julia Jones Says She Didn't Know Michael C. Hall Was Playing A Serial Killer on Dexter: New Blood For "At Least The First Half"

Julia told SiriusXM she didn't understand Dexter Morgan was a serial killer.


In a new interview with SiriusXM, Julia Jones aka Chief of Iron Lake P.D. Angela Bishop, talked about working with Michael C. Hall on Dexter: New Blood, and she revealed she was deliberately ignorant about Dexter Morgan's murderous activities for at least the first half.

"I kind of made a point of being very ignorant, because I think for my character there's so much that she doesn't know and I thought I would try to make my life easier by not knowing those things. To the point where I almost didn't understand that Michael was playing a serial killer for at least the first half. He wolud come to the hair trailer and he'd have this serial killer outfit on and I'd just be like "what are you wearing?!" 

Watch the video below!

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