What Happened To Hannah McKay? Clyde Phillips Spoiled Her Fate!

Hannah was introduced in Season 7 and she was played by Yvonne Strahovski.


Hannah McKay was perhaps the most controversial character in the history of the show. Back in the final episode of Season 8, Dexter had Hannah flee to Argentina with Harrison. He planned to join them, but after Deb died, he realized that everyone he loves ends up dead, so he decided to leave Harrison with Hannah.

In the season premiere of Dexter: New Blood, Harrison finally reunited with his father, and in the next couple of episodes they will have a lot of things to talk about, including Hannah. Showrunner Clyde Phillips who was in the latest episode of the Dexter: New Blood Wrap-Up podcast with Scott Reynolds about "Cold Snap", revealed Hannah's fate. Is she dead, or alive? Find out right below!



Dexter's ex-girlfriend Hannah McKay is dead. According to Showrunner Clyde Phillips, Harrison's "stepmother" died from cancer, and he was shipped off to the US foster care system.

R.I.P. Hannah McKay.

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