This Character From The Original Series Won't Appear In Dexter: New Blood According To Clyde Phillips

Looks like another original character won't be coming back.


In an exclusive interview with website Screen Rant, Dexter: New Blood showrunner Clyde Phillips, revealed that an actor from the original series won't be coming back for more. Continue reading to find out who this character is!

According to Clyde, Desmond Harrington who portrayed Joey Quinn, won't be making an appearance in the new season. Desmond joined the original Dexter series in its third season and immediately became a main cast member, replacing Erik King.

The Showrunner also said that homages to more characters from the previous seasons with definitely be a thing this year.

Clyde said: "Quinn does not come up this year at all. Joey Quinn. He doesn't. There are some other -- I don't know the difference between an Easter egg and a breadcrumb -- But there are some tips of the hat to several of the characters."

Adios, Joey Quinn!

Source: Screen Rant

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