Dexter: New Blood - The Writers of Episodes 5 and 7

Let's see who's writing the episodes titled "Runaway" and "Skin of Her Teeth".


Episode 5 "Runaway" and episode 7 "Skin of Her Teeth" are scheduled to be released on December 5th and December 19th respectively. Learn who's writing these episodes below.

Episode 5 "Runaway" (directed by Marcos Siega) is written by Veronica West, who's a new member to the Dexter franchise. Some of her previous work on television includes shows such as 'Brothers & Sisters', 'Chicago Fire', 'Hart of Dixie'.

Episode 7 "Skin of Her Teeth" (directed by Sanford Bookstaver) is written by Veronica West, Kirsa Rein, and Alexandra Salerno.

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