‘Cold Snap’ Post-Mortem: Michael C. Hall Talks Episode 1 - Matt, The Deer, And Dexter’s Aspiration of Purity

Michael C. Hall talks about the Dexter: New Blood Premiere!


Last night, the series premiere of Dexter: New Blood aired on Showtime. In a new interview with TVLine, Michael C. Hall discusses why Matt finally caused Dexter to snap in the season premiere episode titled "Cold Snap".

Warning! If you haven't seen last night's episode yet, don't read the following!

Michael C. Hall told TVLine.com:

“Matt Caldwell destroys this manifestation of Dexter’s aspiration of purity. He shoots this deer at a time when it’s the last thing Dexter has to hold on to. He’s obviously been struggling with Matt and has felt tempted. I imagine when temptations like that have emerged in the past that maybe Dexter’s left town, that he’s moved on. But in this case he doesn’t.”

“Deb expresses something that Dexter himself believes to be true: that everyone close to him dies,” says Hall, “with Deb being the most potent example. He made the decision to forsake his relationship with Harrison because he was convinced that if he stayed in Harrison’s life, Harrison would be destroyed like others have been. Dexter has played out this possibility in his mind and told himself that if Harrison shows up, the most responsible thing he can do for him is to turn him away. He does just that, but obviously he can’t bear it.”

Debra's presense inside his mind, helps remind Dex to stick to his new routine:

“She’s not bound by who we know Deb to be, she’s an energy that’s embodied by Deb, but she isn’t bound by anything other than whatever emotional or psychological riptide is going on in Dexter’s own head.”

Watch the video below for more:

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