Mark Pellegrino: "I Always Wanted Paul To Be More Of A Kink In Dex’s Armor"

Rita's abusive ex-husband talks Dexter: New Blood!


In a new interview with website TV Insider, Mark Pellegrino who portrayed Rita's abusive ex-husband Paul Bennett in the first and second season of Dexter, talked about the show's comeback.

When Meredith Jacobs from TV Insider asked him if there's any chance we’ll see Dexter hallucinate Paul in the new season, he responded: 

"[Laughs] I wonder, I don’t know. They invited me to the premiere in New York. I couldn’t make it because I was working on something, but that would be interesting. I always wanted Paul to be more of a kink in Dexter’s armor. Maybe they’ll make a completely different storyline. Maybe there’ll be no continuity or connection to any of the characters in the past".

Source: TV Insider

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