HUGE News! DexterDaily Will Attend The Dexter: New Blood World Premiere In New York City!!

Showtime invites to the NYC premiere of Dexter: New Blood!!!


Today we have some huge and exciting news to share, Dexter fans! Showtime invited our website DexterDaily to the world premiere of Dexter: New Blood in New York City, and our new writer Nick Henderson will be there to represent us

The event will be hosted at NYC's Alice Tully Hall. Exclusive behind the scenes photos, videos and more are coming next week starting Monday here on DexterDaily, so be sure to follow us in our social media accounts (our Instagram will be on fire!)

A message from DexterDaily's new writer Nick!

Hello, fellow Dexter fans! My name is Nick Henderson and I will be serving as a guest writer here at Dexter Daily throughout the run of the upcoming season. I am a long time fan of the show and like many of you, I was stunned by the announcement of the new season so it was an honor to be approached with this opportunity. I am excited for this chance to contribute to a site that played such a big part in fueling my love for the show. Throughout the run of Dexter: New Blood, I will be writing episode recaps and analysis after each episode airs and maybe a few other features here and there that I hope you will enjoy. But enough about that...

Today, we have some big news to share! I will be officially representing Dexter Daily at the New York City premiere of Dexter: New Blood on November 1st! This is quite honestly a dream come true for me and it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Dexter Daily. In the coming week, we will upload photos, videos, and a spoiler-free review of the first episode, titled “Cold Snap.” 

The event will be hosted at Alice Tully Hall in New York City and will be attended by fans and members of the cast and crew. I am not entirely sure yet what to expect from the event but I will do my best to share my experience with you here at Dexter Daily! I hope you are as excited about the return of Dexter as we are. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you! 

Stay tuned here on DexterDaily for more!!

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