Michael C. Hall Talks About Working With John Lithgow - Television Academy Video

“I had the good fortune of working with John” Hall said.

Television Academy

Former Dexter special guest star John Lithgow was the man of the hour Thursday night at a special event put on by the Television Academy. “Man of Many Faces: A Conversation with John Lithgow” was a members-only event and Michael C. Hall was one among the actors that was invited to talk about working with Lithgow. 

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Television Academy

“I had the good fortune of working with John several years ago, and I count it among the highlights of not just my career, but my life. He is a giant. He's very tall. But along with his formidable intellect and talent as an actor, what I think I will remember the most fontly and try to take with me, is his infectious sense of enthusiasm and sense of play.”

Television Academy

“The darker the scenes we were simulating, the more we would be likely to get into giggle fits when we were finished. It was all a deep sense of play, and I will always cherish the moment of that. And I try to bring it to what I do to this day. Thanks John.”

Watch the video below. Michael C. Hall part starts at 51:31.

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