Michael C. Hall On People's Warmth And Excitement For Dexter: New Blood: "I'm Gratified, Thankful, And Relieved?"

Dexter star Michael C. Hall talks about the new season for Forbes.

Jake Chessum

In a brand new interview with Forbes.com, Michael C. Hall mostly talked about the new film he's starring, a psychological thriller named 'John and the Hole'. The short story adaptation, which premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, revolves around a boy, the titular John, who puts his family in a hole in the ground in their backyard. Michael plays John's father. 

Hall also talked about Dexter's highly anticipated return. You can read the Dexter-related part of the interview, below!

Was it a relief to you to do something like this that was very different from a lot of the other things you’ve done. Obviously, at that point, you would have been starting to make the journey back to Dexter, which is written and performed in a very different way. Did it get you ready for that return?

Michael: I’ve been doing all kinds of things that are, in their way, quite different. This movie (John and the Hole) is one of them. One thing that’s a strange coincidence is that we shot the bulk of this movie in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and there’s really just one stage near there, New England Studios, and the whole was built on the same stage where I ended up shooting everything in Dexter’s cabin for this new season. I didn’t realize that I was spending a quick week on an independent film shoot on stages that I would end up spending six months on several months later. Doing Dexter, it’s nice to do anything where you aren’t obliged to honor what the audience knows to be your inner monologue. It’s nice to play characters who can keep their thoughts to themselves. I think all the characters in this, John probably most notably, are keeping their thoughts to themselves and are all telling themselves very different stories. 

As we’re talking about Dexter, I might as well end on that. The excitement and anticipation for this new season have been overwhelmingly positive. How do you feel about those reactions and the warmth of the people? 

Michael: I’m gratified, thankful, and relieved? No doubt the way it concluded, if you can even use that word, at the end of the season proper was a way that was, at best, confounding to people. The fact that sense of being confounded didn’t completely sour people to the idea of finding out what the hell happens to the guy was something I’m very grateful for.

If you are interested in what Michael has to say about his new film 'John and the Hole' you can click here!

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