All The Dexter Morgan Quotes From The Newest Season 9 Trailer

New season, new iconic Dexter Morgan quotes.


Dexter: New Blood hits Showtime on November 7th, and in the recent sneak peek trailer, we see that our favorite serial killer has made a brand new life for himself far away from Miami, going by the alias Jim Lindsay before circumstances circle him back towards good-old habits.

But, what about the new Dexter quotes? Read them all below!

 "It's been a whirlwind." 

"I've always had... my demons, so I went away." 

"Sometimes I have an urge too strong to ignore."

"I kinda have a thing about blood..."

"Every day, I walk through this world faking it, knowing if someone knows who I am—that’s it."

"This is all about blending in."

The first quote is from the opening scene of the sneak peek trailer, when Dexter's in a therapy session. The voice of the man Dex is talking to, sounds quite similar to Clancy Brown's. The fourth one is Dexter talking to a customer at Fred's Fish and Game, and the rest of them might be Dexter's inner monologue, or perhaps he's talking to a familiar person from his past. Ghost Deb, or... Harrison.

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