SHO Dexter Officially Joins Instagram And Releases A Series of Teasers For The New Season - Watch 'em Here!

SHO_Dexter just joined Instagram, and has something special for the fans.


Dexter returns Sunday, November 7th and Showtime is preparing for the new season by creating an account on the popular social media platform Instagram. 

Nine amazing teasers for the upcoming ninth season of Dexter. Six videos and three sets of images. Continue reading to view 'em all!

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Teaser #1: "You thought there wouldn’t be spatter? #DexterReturns"

Teaser #3: "Sometimes a therapy session can feel like you’ve been away for years. #DexterReturns"

Teaser #4: "One key to making a new relationship last is not having secrets. Or, barring that, avoiding bathtubs. #DexterReturns"

Teaser #5: "In a climate like this, it helps a man to be handy with an axe. #DexterReturns"

Teaser #6: "Jimmy seems nice. Quiet but nice. #DexterReturns"

Teaser #7: "Like a kid in a candy store. #DexterReturns"

Teaser #8: "When your only light comes from the knife, you can see how the darkness is preferable. #DexterReturns"

Teaser #9: "He’s finally out of the shadows. #DexterReturns"

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