Dexter Season 9 - New Photos And Videos From The Set (July 23)

114 days of shooting. Fake snow keeps falling.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Filming for Dexter Season 9 officially wraps next week, and crew members are already preparing themselves for the end. Writer and executive producer Scott Reynolds, and directors Sanford Bookstaver and Marcos Siega shared images and videos from the set last night showing a crew member filling the air with fake snow at night.

It is winter in Iron Lake, and faux snow is still there despite the fact it's late July. See more images from yesterday below, plus a behind-the-scenes homage by Marcos Siega from the Dexter set at New England Studios.

Both Marcos Siega and Sanford Bookstaver shared the following pic in their Instagram accounts.

"Next week is the last week of filming Dexter! My partner in crime Marcos Siega cannot wait for you to see this incredible piece of work!" said Sanford.

Marcos Siega says: "One more week of filming to go! What an amazing experience this has been. Sandy and I can’t wait to show you what’s on these monitors that we’ve been staring at for six months!"

Sanford Bookstaver/Instagram

Alex R. Miller/Instagram

Alex R. Miller/Instagram

Gorgeous video by director Sanford Bookstaver below:
A homage to the Dexter crew by director Marcos Siega: 

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