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Friday, June 4, 2021

Dexter Season 9 - Iron Lake Population: How Many People Live In This Fictional Little Town? [Photo]

From Miami to Iron Lake, New York. Everyone's favorite serial killer is in town. 

Last week, Showtime released another teaser trailer for the new season. Dexter was shown strolling through Iron Lake, cheerily greeting residents of this fictional town before stopping to gaze at a display in a shop window. Dexter Morgan now goes by the name Jim Lindsay and it looks like everyone in this little town knows him. They just have no idea who he really is.

For his entire life, Dexter Morgan was living in Miami, a big city with a population of 6 million. How many people live in Iron Lake? Continue reading to find out!

According to this official Iron Lake welcome sign, only 2,760 people live in this fictional town.

Image: Alex R. Miller

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