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Saturday, April 10, 2021

This ‘Strange’ Car Was Parked By A Dexter Superfan On The Street Where Season 9 Is Filming [Photos]

A pretty weird way to demonstrate your love for 'Dexter'!

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Shelburne Falls, MA, Friday April 9. Dexter Season 9 is filming, but there's something else that... 'steals the show' in this little town: This car. A Dexter superfan seized the opportunity to express his love for the show by writing Dexter-related names such as Rita, Hannah, Masuka, 'The Bay Harbor Butcher', Slice of Life, 'Deb 996' (number of Deb's total F-bombs in all eight seasons) and more, in his own car.

Photos were shared by executive producer and writer Scott Reynolds on his Twitter account. We don't know if he's local or came from another state (not that it matters, really) but that's undoubtedly a strange but kind of cool way (I guess) to show cast and crew members your love for America's favorite serial killer.

Check out more photos, below!

'Dexter Season 9 Coming near you 2021', 'Slice of Life', 'Deb 996'.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter
A 'brunette Barbie' wrapped in plastic. 😂

Scott Reynolds/Twitter
Mirrored 'Dexter' a la 'Ambulance'.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter
Red paint.

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

Angel, Doakes, Hannah, Masuka, Lila, Lumen, Rita. 

Scott Reynolds/Twitter

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