Showrunner Clyde Phillips Talks Season 9: “It’s Not Miami Anymore And Dexter Is Trying To Assimilate Into This Town”

Dexter Revival showrunner Clyde Phillips dishes on the new season.

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During his time in New England Studios in Devens, Clyde Phillips, the showrunner of the first four seasons of Dexter, talked about the upcoming season with the Greenfield Recorder, about his experience filming Dexter in a little town like Shelburne: 

“Shelburne Falls is the prettiest town I’ve ever seen,” said Clyde Phillips. “We had six towns to choose from, and Shelburne Falls was by far our first choice. We felt very fortunate to get it, to be able to shoot there.” 

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Phillips once againsaid  that the new series, won’t be a 'season 9'. 

“Time has passed, and we acknowledge that,” Phillips said of the limited series that is set in Iron Lake, N.Y. 

“It’s obviously not Miami anymore; we’re in a cold climate, and Dexter’s trying to assimilate into this town.” 

Clyde thanked the community, in particular the local businesses, that made the production company’s experience so welcoming.

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