‘Nature Is Calling’ - First Dexter Season 9 Teaser - Breakdown & Burning Question

Let's take a deeper look at Showtime's latest teaser called ‘Nature Is Calling’!

It's been six months since Dexter's return was officially announced by Showtime, and yesterday a short promo teaser was finally released on network's official Twitter account. The video is located in the middle of a snowy forest, and it's showing an axe stuck into a snowy stump against a snowy backdrop with a fire burning. 

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The 10-second clip also features voice-over narration from Michael C. Hall, indicating Dexter Morgan is ready to get back to his good-old killing ways in the upcoming episodes. 

Michael C. Hall's voice saying, "There really is nothing like getting back to nature... my nature" as the camera slowly zooms in on the axe which is placed in the tree stump. Then we hear composer Daniel Licht's masterpiece 'Blood Theme' which was used in Dexter's ending credits in all previous eight seasons.

This brief teaser is definitely a nod to the 2013 series finale, in which Dex faked his own death during hurricane 'Laura' and later became a lumberjack in the woods of Oregon. 

It looks like spending time surrounded by nature wasn't enough to erase his thirst for blood, and Dexter Morgan given the right push, will soon get back to his real nature: killing.

Burning question!

As you may know the forthcoming season of Dexter will pick up ten years after the events of the Season 8 finale. Dexter didn't really kill anyone during all these years?! 

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