Dexter Season 9 - 18 Exclusive Photos From This Week's Filming Location: It's Christmas In... Iron Lake, New York

Shelburne Falls MA is ready for Christmas, again!

Christmas time is here for the Dexter cast the crew, such as the locals of Shelburne Falls MA. For the last couple of weeks the crew were preparing the little town of Shelburne Falls for filming. Local bussinesses changed their name and will be closed for two weeks, to allow for shooting. This year, the show is filming under the (not so secret anymore) pseudonym 'Marble'. 

Filming in this particular area begins on Tuesday,  April 6th. Today, DexterDaily has for you 18 exclusive photos from this month's set location! Special thanks to our friend kkenned for taking the photos for us! 

View them all, below!

In the first photo of the article you can see the... 'Miami Metro P.D.' of the upcoming season, aka the 'Iron Lake Police'. As we mentioned in previous posts, Iron Lake is the fictional town were the events of the Dexter revival take place.  

Yellow, 'Marble' signs

Christmas kiosks

Christmas kiosks from a different POV

A temporary police order and some barrels 

The Iron Lake Tavern (we posted pic in our previous 'exclusive' article too)

Iron Lake tavern

Crew still working.

Iron Lake Police (on the right)

Big-ass Christmas tree

Snowmen and Christmas trees

Shelburne Falls bridge, decorated

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