Dexter Revival - Michael C. Hall Filming Season 9 - New Set Photos (April 8)

Hi there, Dexter Morgan. 

Scott Reynolds' Twitter

Filming for the Dexter revival continues in Shelburne Falls MA. Even though it's spring and temperatures range between 69 to 75°F (~20°C) the cast has to pretend it's super cold, considering the events of the current episodes take place around Christmas.

Now that the new season is shooting in a town, it's much easier to have pics from the set that finally include cast members. Michael C. Hall was spotted in the area yesterday, (April 8) while filming. View the photos, below! 👀

Here is Dexter Morgan's haircut for the new season! (Selfie with a fan).

Megan Keyes/Instagram

Sweater is the same color as Dexter's killer shirt from previous seasons. Blue jeans, and khaki shoes that match with the sweater. 👌

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