POLL: Do You Want Hannah McKay To Return In Dexter Season 9?

What are the chances to see Hannah McKay back to the show, anyway?

Hannah McKay. Played by Yvonne Strahovski, she was introduced to the show back in episode 3 of the seventh season. Her actions during the season, and the way Dexter treated her instead of... killing her, made her one of the most controversial characters in show's history. 

After trying to poison Deb twice and went to prison, she returned in the final season. Dexter was planning to leave Miami once and for all with her, and Harrison and start a new life together in Argentina. That never happened of course, as he ended up having a solitary life in Oregon after the death of his sister Deb.

Do you want Hannah McKay to make a comeback in the new season of Dexter? And how likely is it, considering Clyde Phillips holds the reigns of the new season? Vote in our poll below!

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