2006–2021 | The Evolution Of Michael C. Hall As Dexter Morgan Through The Years [Photos]

This year marks the 15th anniversary since the premiere of Dexter!

It was October of 2006 when Dexter premiered on Showtime. Michael C. Hall was picked for the role of Dexter Morgan after actor Jeremy Renner turned down the offer to portray America's favorite serial killer.

Now that the show with return this fall for an all-new season, let's see how much Michael C. Hall's Dexter changed through all these years!

Season 1 (Pilot) - Filmed in 2005

The pilot episode of the series was filmed back in 2005, mostly in Miami. It was the only episode of Dexter that was filmed in the Sunshine State. Everything else afterwards, was filmed in L.A.

Season 1 (Flashback) - Filmed in 2006

18 year-old Dexter, in a flashback scene from the first season. That wig though, LOL.

Season 2 - Filmed in 2007

In the second season Michael C. Hall had a longer haircut compared to other seasons.

Season 3 - Filmed in 2008


Season 4 - Filmed in 2009

A shot of Michael C. Hall in the shocking Thanksgiving dinner with Trinity's family.

Season 5 - Filmed in 2010

Michael C. Hall was wearing a wig during the whole fifth season, after battling cancer until early 2010.

Season 6 - Filmed in 2011

Season 7 - Filmed in 2012

Season 8 - Filmed in 2013

Back when Dexter Morgan was ready to leave Miami for good, with Hannah and his son.

Final Scene of the Series - Filmed in 2013

The notorious lumberjack Dexter Morgan look from the series finale. 

Season 9 - Currently Filming! 2021

The first official look at Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in the upcoming season!

Dexter Morgan: First episode of the series vs. First episode of the 10-episode limited series.

Bonus! 35 year-old Michael C. Hall portraying a teenage Dexter Morgan in Season 1. 
Fresh shave, wig and... done! 😂

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