Dexter Season 9 Scoop - First Details From the Filming Locations About Two Particular Scenes

Production for the upcoming highly anticipated Dexter revival begins in a few weeks, and we already have some interesting information about two scenes.

As you may already know, the 10-episode limited series will be filming in Massachusetts beginning February. Several websites from around the area are already covering the news about specific locations that have been "closed" by the production company.

Check out below some details about the two scenes that are scheduled to begin shooting soon. Beware of minor spoilers!

According to the Telegram & Gazette, there will be one day of filming, at B-Man's Tavern, in a little town named Sterling on February 16. Production has already been delayed due to a crew member testing positive for COVID-19. 

Based on the information provided in Sterling, the 'B-Man Tavern' will be for a scene where it feels like the character (not sure if it is referring to Dex or someone else) is "going into a desolate bar".

The other scene is about a car accident, this time in another small town named West Boylston. It will take two days to shoot, according to the website. One day for the driving part (Feb. 24), and one day for the accident (March 1st). 

This is where it gets more interesting: As specified by the information provided to Boylston, the "character struggles with the kidnapper as the vehicle swerves and plows into a sign and barrier. The character is ejected from the car, head first".

Is this character Dexter, or just another minor character? Is Harrison involved? What do you think?

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Image credit: Showtime

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