Dexter Cast Will Reunite For First Time Since the Finale This Month at Wizard World Comic Con

In September 2013 Dexter ended and since then, we have seen lots of cast reunions, but only in television series. Well, the one on March 17, 2017, will definitely be the best one yet!

Three and a half years later, five cast members of Dexter will reunite for the 2017 Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland. This will be pretty huge, once most of the actors who will attend didn't express their opinion on the finale, after the finale, well... publicly.

Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, James Remar, Jaime Murray, and Christian Camargo, from the Emmy nominated hit TV series Dexter, will be the actors to reunite for the first time during the world’s largest pop culture tour at Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland and St. Louis in 2017.

The Dexter cast will greet fans, sign autographs, pose for solo and dual photo ops and conduct an interactive Q&A panel, in their first Wizard World appearance together.

In both cities, Michael and Jennifer will appear Saturday and Sunday (March 18-19; April 8-9) and James Remar will attend Friday through Sunday; Jaime Murray will only appear in Cleveland Saturday and Sunday (March 18-19); Christian Camargo will attend in St. Louis Saturday and Sunday (April 8-9).

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