America's Favorite Serial Killer Dexter Morgan Is HitFix's World Series of Monsters MVP

Dexter Morgan from our favorite show Dexter won in the category of the Most Valuable Monster by HitFix.

via HitFix: The first week set the stakes with readers voting for a starting team including Beetlejuice in Left Field, "An American Werewolf in Paris'" David Kessler in Center Field, those hard to kill Xenomorphs from "Alien" in Right Field, the legendary Freddy Krueger at Shortstop, Bram Stoker's Dracula at Third Base, "The Omen's" Damien at Second Base, Frankenstein's Monster at First Base, Pennywise catching at Home, "Underworld's" Selene as the Designated Hitter and The Shark from "Jaws" in the Bullpen. Dexter was voted starting pitcher showing just how important pitching really is when you get to the playoffs.

Dexter easily won the MVM with 35.% of the vote. Xenomorphs came in second with 23.2% and Freddy Krueger was a distant third with 10.4%.

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