PHOTOS: Jennifer Carpenter on the Set of the ABC Drama Pilot 'Sea of Fire'

Via JustJared
As you may know Jennifer Carpenter has landed her first post-Dexter role. She will be the main character of ABC pilot 'Sea of Fire'. Production has began few days back and here are the first photos from the set from March 12 and 19.

TV Show Synopsis: Teen Porno. Murder. Secrets of a Small Town. An American adaption of the Dutch series Vuurzee, Sea of Fire is about FBI agent Leah Pierce (Jennifer Carpenter) and local sheriff Marty Kesowich (Jack Davenport)’s investigation into the fallout from a teen pornographic film on the girls’ families and others in the idyllic American town of Serenity Falls, played by North Vancouver’s Deep Cove this week. Does the uncompromising FBI agent alienate everyone with her blunt questions or can she and the sheriff find a way to work together? Does the sheriff delve into the crimes or cover up his seemingly perfect daughter Merel (Isabelle Cornish)’s involvement. The scene: FBI agent Leah Pierce (Carpenter) asks Sheriff Kesowich (Davenport) about the missing girl Jane.

Check out more photos after the jump!

More pics and info here. Special thanks to Ani for the heads up!

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