Dexter Stars Before Dexter - Lauren Velez and Julie Benz [Videos]

Do you remember actors from Dexter in film and television roles, before they actually star in Dexter? If not, let's go back in time. Our second 'Before Dexter' is about two favorite actors who were on the show since day one: Lauren Velez aka Maria LaGuerta, and Julie Benz aka Rita Bennett. Take a look at them when they were much younger, in some of the most significant television and film roles of their career. More after the jump!

Actress: Lauren Velez
Age: 49
TV Show: Oz (HBO, 1997-2003)

16 years ago, Lauren Velez portrayed the role of Dr. Gloria Nathan in one of the most successful drama series of all time, 'Oz'. Watch Lauren on HBO's 'Oz' after 1:36:

Actress: Julie Benz
Age: 41
Film: Jawbreaker

Back in 1999 Julie starred on 'Jawbreaker' with Rose McGowan. Watch a short part below:

In early 90's, when she was only 18 years old, Julie appeared in 14 episodes, of a cancelled TV Series called 'Hi Honey, I'm Home":

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