Aimee Garcia Talks Dexter, RoboCop Remake & More

via Refinery29: Sure, actress Aimee Garcia has a starring role on hit television show Dexter, dresses like a red-carpet knockout, and just finished filming the RoboCop remake — but this Chicago gal is as down-to-earth as they come. Her adorable parents even joined us on the shoot, proving that despite fame and success, she's got her Christian Louboutin-clad feet firmly planted on the ground.

Dodging raindrops in the Gold Coast, we captured Garcia sporting four aspirational ensembles that showcase her "simple-yet-refined" style. And after reading up about her ultimate starstruck moment and what keeps her grounded in what can be a superficial biz, we think you'll agree — you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can't take the Midwest out of the girl.

Tell us a little bit about your life growing up in Chicago? 
"I loved it! Chicago is an amazing city…it has great architecture, food, music, and the people are so friendly! Growing up, we’d always go to the festivals downtown, go to Cubs games, visit the museum's window-shop on Michigan Avenue. In the winter, we’d see The Nutcracker at Arie Crown every year and then go to Marshal Field’s for Frango mints."

Where would you wear this type of professional look? 
"I like to dress professional when I go out on meetings, but I also like looking chic and stylish. I LOVE my blazer and think that simply putting my hair over one shoulder makes the whole outfit look more polished. These Yves Saint Laurent shoes are my new favorites — and I love Derek Lam clutches. I’m also really into square and geometric jewelry, so this gold bracelet is a fixture in my collection."  Read the rest of the interview after the jump.

How did you get into acting? 
"I started dancing professionally as a kid. Then, First National Bank needed dancers for their commercial. I auditioned, got the part, and started doing other commercials with Michael Jordan and Sammy Sosa. After studying at Piven Theater Workshop in Evanston, I did Chicago theater and took a bunch of acting classes while I was at Northwestern University."

What would you say was your first big “break” in the industry? 
"I would say The George Lopez Show. It was the first time I was a series regular on a major network. On the feature side, it was Spanglish. I narrated that film and got to work with Adam Sandler and Oscar-winning director James L. Brooks (who also created The Simpsons)."

How would you describe your style? 
"Classic and simple. I like monochromatic pieces in black, white, and earth tones. My go-to outfit right now is my gray All Saints jeans, white Chaser Tank, and black wedge boots by Rick Owens. I’d rather spend a lot on a few great classic pieces that I can mix and match every day with different accessories than fill my closet with stuff I’m only going to wear once or twice."

Do you feel as though your style has evolved along with your success? 
"Definitely! It’s gotten a lot more simple-yet-refined. It takes awhile to figure out your own personal style, but once you do, just go with it and own it."

Are there any particular trends that you're into right now? 
"I’m really into jumpers right now. I have my short jumpers for spring/summer and this new pant jumper for fall. Paired with a high heel, this Diane Von Furstenberg jumper makes me feel so tall and elegant."

Have you picked up any beauty tricks of the trade you can share with us? 
"Aloe vera! Whenever I feel I might break out because of stress or traveling a lot, I take a piece of aloe vera leaf, cut it open, and leave the gel on my face overnight. It’s an anti-inflammatory and rehydrates. I also use Thayers’s Original Witch Hazel with aloe vera (which you can get at Whole Foods) as a daily toner. Your skin is your largest organ, so it knows how to digest natural foods. I’m a big fan of keeping my facial regiment simple. But, if I feel puffy under the eyes, I use Fast Response Eye Cream by M.A.C. — it does wonders!"

When you’re not busy filming, what does downtime look like for you? 
"I go dancing with my girlfriends, check out concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, play poker, golf with my buddies, and travel. I’ve been very lucky to explore countries like Morocco, Tibet, Cuba, China, New Zealand, Israel, Cambodia, and Costa Rica.

You were nominated for a SAG award in 2012 for your role on Dexter as babysitter Jaime Batista. To what do you attribute the success of that character/role? 
"Michael C. Hall, the rest of the cast, and the writers. You’re only as good as the people you’re acting opposite from, and television is a writer’s medium. So, I feel very fortunate to have been part of such an iconic show. And to be nominated by your fellow actors is such an honor."

Would you say any part of your character is reflected in your real-life wardrobe? 
"This dress is so fun, flirty, and similar to how my character Jamie dresses on Dexter! And, it’s made in the U.S.A. by an environmentally sustainable company that reuses beautiful vintage fabrics. I love stacking rings, and these are by this amazing L.A.-based designer Ariel Gordon."

What keeps you grounded in what can be a tough and superficial industry? 
"My family and friends and coming back to Chicago. I grew up in Chicago, so I’ll always be a Midwest girl. My family taught me good values, and I still keep in touch with my friends from grade school, high school, and college. So, it’s nice to have a support system that has known you since you were a kid. None of my Chicago friends care if I didn’t get a part or was in a magazine…they still just see me as their silly friend Aimee, which keeps me grounded."

Tell us about your role as Kim in the RoboCop remake coming out in February! 
"Kim is a scientist. She is Gary Oldman’s character’s assistant and she helps bring RoboCop to life. She is an MIT graduate and has training in robotics, biology, engineering, and computer-brain interface. She’s super-smart and really wants to help her patients."

What type of training did you have to do for that role? 
"I interviewed various scientists, shadowed a few scientists around their lab, watched talks on Ted, and read a bunch of books on the chemical composition of the brain. I’m Type A, so I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what Kim was saying!"

Tell us a little bit about this fun and flirty outfit choice. 
"I LOVE this outfit! It’s classic and timeless — I feel like Audrey Hepburn. The fabric is unlike any other piece I’ve ever worn. It has this great sporty scuba vibe mixed with a couture cut. The ring and bracelet are from local Bucktown stores (Robin Richman and Roslyn), and I picked them up while shopping with my mom the day before this shoot."

Have you ever been starstruck? If so, by whom? 
"Yes! Leonard DiCaprio! I went to a Lakers game with my friend Michelle Kwan and during half-time, we went to the VIP lounge. Leo was talking to Josh Grobin. Michelle started talking to Josh, and I was just standing there in silence with Leo. I didn’t know what to say! Nothing came to my head! We both just stood there in silence. Afterwards I thought to myself, 'You had the opportunity to talk to Leonardo DiCaprio and you just STOOD THERE! Come on Aimee!'"

What would your dream role be and why? 
"The next Lara Croft in a Tomb Raider-type movie. I’ve never had the opportunity to play an action-hero badass, and it would be my dad’s new favorite movie. He loves action and sci-fi."
Photo: Julia Stotz

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