Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 "Are We There Yet?" [Open Thread]

The eighth episode of the eighth and final season of Dexter aired two nights ago. "Are We There Yet?" which picked up right where "Dress Code" left off, is written by Wendy West and directed by Holly Dale. Skip the jump to read our thoughts on the episode, vote and discuss, (in case you didn't).

+The episode begins where the last one ended. Dexter and Miami Metro officers are investigating the murder of Cassie. Jamie is devastated by the death of her friend, and so as Oliver, her boyfriend.

+While on the crime scene Dexter is thinking of Hannah. The next day he meets her. She tells her that she needs to leave Miami.

+After Dex notices blood under Cassie's fingernails, he confirms it's Zach's blood but lies to Masuka about it. "What a waste," Dexter wonders about Zach. "He could have had a great future."

+Masuka's daughter becomes his right hand at Miami Metro.

+Quinn notices the similarities in Cassie's and Norma Rivera's murder. He suspects Zach.

+Dexter tells Vogel about Zach. She tries to talk Dexter out of murdering him, but Dex is on the hunt.

+When Deb finds out that Hannah is still in Miami she's furious. She reminds Dexter how dangerous she is.

+Jamie is sad about Cassie's death. She tells Dex that she will take Harrison at Quinn's house, once they now live together.

+Hannah joins Dex in the hunt and they track Zach down to where he's staying. He tells her everything about Zach and Vogel.

+Deb who has tracked Dexter's car is following them.

+Hannah and Dexter are having a... romantic dinner at the beach. She asks him to use a phrase to describe her.

+Dexter finds a big set of knives and begins to set up his kill room at a motel.

+Quinn, meanwhile, meets up with Oliver Saxon, the guy who was dating Cassie. He shows him a photo of Zach to try and positively identify him as the killer.

+Zach returns to his room, Dexter confronts him and Zach says that he didn't do anything. He claims he was going after someone named Sean Decker a guy who killed someone two years ago and he had to pay for what he did.

-"Is she cool?"
-"Yeah, I'm cool!"

+Zach is kind of sloppy and he has Decker's body in his trunk. Dexter is angry that he didn't have a plan, but he helps Zach get rid of the body and then his car.

+Hannah cleans up Zach's kill room, gets rid of the plastic sheets. When she returns to the room to take her stuff she meets Deb!

+Deb tells her that... she under arrest. But her can't arrest her once she's not a police officer.

+Four killers in one room. Dexter and Zach returning to the motel room to find Deb and Hannah. Apparently nothing happened between Deb and Hannah and they both leave.

+Vogel invites Dexter, Zach and Hannah for a dinner at ther house.

+During the dinner Vogel says, "You're (Hannah and Dexter) obviously quite taken with each other. The truth is, you make a good couple.

+Back to Hannah's hotel room, Dexter is ready to say goodbye to Hannah, once she will leave Miami the next day. And then.. they're having sex!

+Dexter returns to his apartment to find Zach's dead body with half his skull cut off and revealing his brain inside. So... the Brain Surgeon is alive!!!

+We also hear the "Make Your Own Kind of Music" song yet again this time via Zach's phone. Seems like this song is special to the Brain Surgeon!

+Dexter dumps Zach's body to the ocean, and the next day tells Hannah to stay in Miami!

Other thoughts:

-Glad to see that the Brain Surgeon is not dead. This storyline is promising!

-Is it me, or the episode seemed a bit rushed? I'd love to see Dexter's actions and reactions right after he found Zach's body in his apartment.

-Overall it was a very enjoyable episode.


Grade: 9,1/10

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