Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 7 "Dress Code" [Open Thread]

The seventh episode of the eighth and final season of Dexter aired two nights ago. "Dress Code" is written by Arika Lisanne Mittman and directed by Alik Sakharov. Skip the jump to read our thoughts on the episode, vote and discuss, (in case you didn't).

So... Dress Code. The episode picks up minutes after Hannah's return.

+Dexter wakes up in the middle of no where. Hannah's dragged him some where far from Deb's house.

+He calls Deb tells her what happened. Deb is extremely angry.

+Zach shows up at Dexter's apartment. Dexter is furious and tells him not to do this again.

+At Elway's office, Deb expresses her complaints about Jacob's flirty behavior. He storms out. Great moment.

+Quinn and Jamie are looking for a new house.

+Dexter finds out that Hannah is living a wealthy life at a yacht with her husband.

+Dex is not allowed to follow Hannah at a bar due to the Dress Code. With Zach's help, Dexter confronts Hannah, he learns she's going by the name of Maggie now and is married.

+Deb reminds her brother who Hannah really is. She wants her out of their lives immediately.

+Masuka visits the bar where his daughter works. It's actually a topless sports bar. The he tries to get her a job at the police department, but Niki doesn't want to take it since the sports club pays pretty well.

+Deb meets Vogel and they talk about Hannah. Vogel tells her to trust Dexter.

+Dexter finds Zach outside of Miami Metro. Zach wants more things to learn about the code and Dex gives her some more advice.

+Miles, Hannah's husband confronts Dexter at a gas station. He tells him to leave her alone.

+We see Hannah back at her greenhouse. Everything is different there since she left. Hannah asks Dexter's help to get rid of her obsessed husband.

+Deb meets Cassie while she's putting a tracking device on Dexter's car.

+Zach is looking for Dexter at his apartment. He's angry and he's knowing his apartment's door persistently. Cassie tells her that he's not home, and he leaves.

+Miles confronts Hannah and he's about to rape her as Dexter approaches their boat in the Harbor. Hannah, however, has already killed him.

+Dexter and Hannah dump Miles' body at the ocean together. Then they both confess their love for the other but they don't kiss, "Dex tells her not to leave town without talking to him.

+The episode ends with a new crime that hits close to home. Cassie, Dex's neighbour was found dead at her apartment. She was killed by the same method (bludgeoning) that Zach used to kill his father's mistress.

Other thoughts:

+Harry is finally back.

+Miles, Hannah's husband has the same accent and voice with Isaak Sirko.

Grade 8,8/10

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