Is Zach's Story... Setting Up the Spin-off?

How perfectly convenient could it be for the series that a major arc concluding the final season involves Dexter taking on a protégé to teach the infamous code? While we're not exactly sold on Zach being a compelling main character or a catchy series title, it does make some sense if Showtime wants to continue the universe.

After all, there is an endless array of killers that can be imagined into Miami and Dexter has been through almost every version already. If we start the premise over with a new story, then we can live along with Zach's unique transformation and struggle with normalcy. Meanwhile, this is a suitable platform for Michael C. Hall to undertake a recurring role that makes some form of sense; especially if his character doesn't live to see the spin-off.

There could be more than meets the eye to Zach. With all the money at his disposal, he could become the Batman of the Dexterverse. So what says the Dexterverse to a Zach spin-off?

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Note: This post was written before scoop of a potential Zach spin-off was published.

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