Dana Wilson aka Angie Miller Teases Season 8 and the Possibility of a Dexter Movie on AfterBuzzTV

via prweb.com: Dexter's Dana Wilson made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Dexter aftershow Sunday night. In her appearance, Wilson talks about Dr. Vogel and Hannah McKay's connection, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter's past relationship, and the possibility of a Dexter movie. Beware of spoilers.

On Hannah McKay's return into Dexter's life: 
Dana says, "For me it came out of nowhere. I mean everyone knew that she's coming back this season, but when it came I was like, 'Oh my god! Hannah!'"

On Dr. Vogel and Hannah McKay's connection: 
Dana says, "Especially if you think of the fact that part of Hannah's story line is that her and her then husband or boyfriend, they went on a killing spree before he got arrested, put in jail and threw himself in front of a Mack truck...I think one thing that's interesting about Hannah and Dexter's life this season is that this is it! Six more episodes and that's it, [the show is over].”

On Dexter taking on an intern: 
Dana says, "I think the whole idea of Dexet taking on an intern, I get scared for him. How does he know...Zach is pretty much a stranger. How does he know that Zach can control himself? Trust Zach to keep his secret. This secret that he never ever told his sister until recently. He's now going to let a complete stranger, a new psychopath know all of his business and what he does." Read the rest and watch the AfterbuzzTV video, after the jump.

On the possibility of a Dexter movie: 
Dana says, "This is the end of the television series Dexter. I don't know if there is something post that. That's all I'm saying, but this is the end of the television series."

On Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter's past relationship: 
Dana says, "By the time I joined the show in Season 7, all of that was in the past. [Michael and Jennifer] are so cool with each other. They're just friends. You can tell they're just good friends that care about each other. They joke with each other. They hang out with each other. It feels seamless. I would've never guessed that anything weird would've happened."

On continuing the show if Hall and Carpenter weren't friends: 
Dana says, "I think [Michael and Jennifer] knew that too. That's a conversation you just have to have with yourself and say, 'Ok, I need to put on my big boy pants or my big girl pants for the sake of this project, which so many people besides me have such a stake in, including the audience and they people that work for it. For the greater good, let's do this.'”

On the finale and the rest of the season: 
Dana says, "They've known for two seasons that this is the end and they want to do it justice. The wrap party was a few days after the final shooting of the last episode. Just the energy, you could just tell that things go down. Things are gonna happen, you guys."

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