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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WATCH: Season 8, Episode 2 "Every Silver Lining..." Vlog Review by Emily Sofia!

Still reeling from last Sunday's madness and lookin' for somewhere to share your thoughts or someone to possibly illuminate your own revelations? If yes, watch my spoiler-filled vlog review of the eighth season's second heart-rending chapter, "Every Silver Lining..."! I break down virtually everything I can think of that struck me across the face or stuck me through the heart in this awesome episode, which only served to heat up the momentum for whatever's to come. Check out any of my other Dexter vlogs here at my YouTube channel, or even hit me up on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook if you're so inclined! Did this episode shock or rock you? What are you hoping is or is not coming? Leave all your thoughts below and/or on the video, and I'll keep dishing up the Dexter stuff with you guys until the world ends!

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