DexterCorner Joins Dexter Daily to Create the Most "Killer" Fan-Site Possible

It has been a deathly long time since DexterCorner, the premier Dexter fan-site prior to Dexter Daily, has seen the light of day. What better time to fish it from out of the ocean then for the conclusion of the most-influential show in years? Now that we have laid it out in a Bay Harbor Butcher-reminiscent case, Dexter Daily welcomes DexterCorner editor-in-chief Michael to provide his analytical, symbolized take on Dexter with a unique series of articles. Follow the break for a bit of background on this Dexter vet to learn about his involvement with Showtime and how he almost had the opportunity to interview Michael C. Hall.

In addition to providing 1,000+ word reviews for every episode of season 5, DexterCorner was a fan-site that took unconventional approaches to examining the series while also breaking news. It featured reviews of merchandise as well as giveaways and a themed forum. Through events on the site, fans had the chance to interact with season 2's Jaime Murray as well as the beautiful Julie Benz. It was a hobby that become about more than the show.

Michaeli's involvement with Dexter doesn't end there. Through an app called Miso, viewers were treated to complementary content provided by Showtime -- adding a second layer to the experience of enjoying the show as additional content would be delivered on smartphones and tablets as viewers watched live.

- Thanks for adding me to this amazing fan-site, I look forward to returning to putting my own unique spin on the series as well as using my refined journalist skills to find exclusive stories for DexterDaily. Let's create an even more "killer" tribute.

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