Dexter Season 8 Guest Star Julian Sands: "The Thing That Turned Me On Is Charlotte Rampling"

British actor, and new Dexter guest star Julian Sands admits that what drew him to Dexter, besides the anti-hero writing and characters, was British actress Charlotte Rampling adding glam to the set.

"The thing that really turned me on is Charlotte Rampling is in the cast for this final series,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

For Sands, best known for his star turns in A Room With a View and The Killing Fields, Rampling has stood in his eyes as a cultural and fashion icon since seeing the films of Luchino Visconti and Rainer Werner Fassbinder ahead of drama school.

Of course, that adoration was not repaid with Sands appearing in Dexter scenes with Rampling as she plays a neuro-psychiatrist who specializes in profiling psychopaths.

He and Rampling only shared dinner a few times. But Sands insists the Showtime drama with a serial killer as hero does allow him to indulge a taste for playing villains, as he did in 24.

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