Rewatching Dexter - 6.10 Ricochet Rabbit, 6.11 Talk to the Hand, 6.12 This Is the Way the World Ends

Rewatching Dexter by DexterDaily. A look back at the past seasons of 'Dexter' and our favorite serial killer's victims. Today, we're going to remember the final three episodes of the sixth season: 6.10 "Ricochet Rabbit", 6.11 "Talk to the Hand", 6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Hit the 'read more' button for more!

Now realizing the error he has made, Dexter redoubles his efforts to track down the doomsday killer and eliminate him. He plants evidence in the church to keep the police off the scent and sets out to find DDK. He manages to track down Holly, the woman Travis freed, but too late. From the evidence at the crime scene, Dexter believes he knows what DDK will strike with next, though he has no idea where. With Quinn hung over and not at work, Batista sets off to interview a person of interest which may have major ramifications for him. Meanwhile, Deb goes through the evidence from the dead call girl case and now knows who was with her and who Laguerta is protecting. Louis the crime lab intern is more than a little deflated when Dexter slams his new computer game.

Dexter's victim: Steve Dorsey. Travis's disciple who aided in the death of Holly Benson. Stabbed in the stomach.

6.10 "Ricochet Rabbit". Original Air Date: December 4, 2011
Written by: Jace Richdale,  Lauren Gussis and Scott Reynolds
Directed by: Michael Lehmann

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Dexter finds himself at the yacht where Travis and his accomplices were preparing the next tableau, Wormwood". They quickly realize that Travis is planning a gas attack. Worried that Batista has not been seen since the previous day, Quinn sets off to find him. Travis meanwhile sends Beth Dorsey to Miami Metro homicide with a canister of deadly gas and orders her to meet with Lt. Morgan. Deb has dinner with Deputy Chief Matthews and discusses the case of the dead call girl. The next day Deb realizes that Laguerta is very adept at office politics.

Dexter's victim: Beth Dorsey. Travis's disciple who aided in the death of Holly Benson. Trapped in the interogation room with her gas bomb.

6.11 "Talk to the Hand". Original Air Date: December 11, 2011
Written by: Manny Coto and Tim Schlattmann
Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

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Stuck in the ocean miles from shore, Dexter is rescued by an old boat carrying illegal immigrants to the US. He even manages to render them a service. Once ashore, he heads home hoping to figure out where and when Travis will stage his last tableau. Travis has holed up in a small house and has killed the occupants. While he's away, the police show up and Dexter has something of a surprise waiting for him. Dexter makes it to son Harrison's school recital only to have Travis take the child. Meanwhile, Debra has a plan to catch Travis and gets LaGuerta's support for her plan. Debra also comes to terms with her feelings for Dexter. In his final confrontation with Travis, Dexter has him tied down on his execution table. Someone walks in just as he's committing the deed.

Dexter's victim: Travis Marshall / The Doomsday Killer. Stabbed in the chest.
plus: Alberto. Stabbed in the stomach with a harpoon.

6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Original Air Date: December 18, 2011
Written by: Scott Buck and Wendy West
Directed by: John Dahl

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