Michael C. Hall On Working With Julie Benz: "It Was So Easy to Be Seduced by Her Inherent Sweetness"

Dolce Magazine recently talked with Michael C. Hall during a break from filming the final season, about working with alumna Julie Benz: “It was so easy to be seduced by Julie’s inherent sweetness. We found this sort of rhythm and a chemistry and a dynamic between those two characters that was really sad to say goodbye to,” he says. “Doing scenes with Julie felt like coming home, in a way.”

For Michael, Benz had played such a pivotal role in the series’, and Dexter’s, development. To see her go was also heartbreaking. “She’s still such a part of the fundamental DNA of what the show is and what Dexter’s experience of his own humanity is,” he says, adding Benz handled the departure with a level of grace and professionalism that a lesser actor may not have managed. Read the whole interview with Julie Benz, here.

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