Michael C. Hall: "Of All the Gruesome Stuff on Dexter I Was Most Disturbed About Season 8's [Spoiler]"

Variety talked with Michael C. Hall and guest star Sean Patrick Flanery, at the Dexter Season 8 premiere party about the upcoming episodes of the final season and more. Skip the jump to take a look at what they said.

Michael C. Hall is stepping behind the camera for the first time, helming the season’s second episode. He also serves as an executive producer. So, is there any other job he’d like to have on the show? “I’d like to be a Dolly grip,” Hall joked.

Regarding his career as a thesp, will he ever find a more upbeat project? “What do you mean?” he asked with a laugh. “I would love to do something a little more light-hearted and to find a way to not be surrounded by dead bodies,” said the star of “Six Feet Under” and “Cabaret” on Broadway.

Of all the gruesome stuff he’s seen on his two TV series, Hall reveals that what disturbed him most was the current season’s episode about a cannibal. “That made me kind of ill, but for the most part if I know it’s fake I’m happy to pretend it’s real,” Hall said.

“He’s white, empty and thin, and most of his sentences end in the middle,” was Sean Patrick Flanery’s vague answer for describing his character, Jacob Elway.

Flanery said he’d never heard the term “Big Bad” before starting the series but he “was educated pretty quickly.”

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