Latest From EW - 5 Teases For Dexter's Final Season

Latest from Entertainment Weekly's spoiler room. Skip the jump to read 5 teases / spoilers about the first few episodes of the upcoming eighth and final season of Dexter!

1. Deb’s gone down a dark path since we saw her last, but how far down the rabbit hole has she gone? Well, she’s doing lines of coke and mixing all sorts of pills, for starters. But most disturbing of all? Dexter’s little sis — who has had his back as long as we can remember — wants absolutely nothing to do with him. In fact, when we pick up the season, it’s been months since they’ve seen each other!

2. There’s one surprising new hookup that is revealed that I think fans of the show will have mixed feelings about.

3. Even though Deb is now working as a PI, you won’t have to wait too long to see her interact with some of our faves from Miami Metro. Specifically, her reunion with Masuka is exactly how you’d expect it to be.

4. We’ve seen Dexter have friends in the past who know his secret, but Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) has a whole new level of knowledge on Dexter — she knew Harry … and helped him invent Dexter’s Code.

5. You will see Harry again — this time in the flesh! All I’ll say is that Dr. Vogel has some very telling videotapes.
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